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Early Days of World War II


The league concept took root from an idea in 1940,  to call on a group of civilians to strike a country-wide volunteer organisation to: sponsor, and develop a program to train young men to fly for duties during World War II.  This idea was that of Charles G. Power, Minister of National Defence.  Interest in the Air Cadet Movement in Canada flourished and almost immediately created the Air Cadet League of Canada - who would work in partnership with the Royal Canadian Air Force.  Order-in-Council PC 6647 had officially passed on November 11, 1940 - which authorized the formation of the Air Cadet League of Canada.       


A Dominion Charter was granted on April 9, 1941, allowing the Air Cadet League of Canada to operate as a charitable, not for profit organisation.  Shortly after in Ottawa, the league's administrative headquarters was established.  The very first National Board meeting was held on June 2, 1941.  During this meeting, the National Directors appointed one Chairperson for each of the nine participating provinces.  In turn, each appointed Provincial Chairperson travelled a great extent to spread the news and recruit sponsorship for squadrons.  At the end of 1941, there was a total of 79 squadrons across Canada.   


The total number of squadrons nearly doubled by mid-1942, reaching 135 squadrons across Canada - with 10,000 Cadets.     


Canadian interest in the Air Cadet Movement rose and by 1943 there were 315 squadrons across Canada - with 23,000 Cadets.


The number of squadrons across Canada has reached its peak, with 374 squadrons stood up, 29,000 + Cadets, 1,750 officers and instructors, and 2,000 civilians - who had supplied financial and other forms of support.   

Post World War II


Shortly after the close of the war, disinterest of Cadet activities grew and the predicted trend lead to squadron disbandment - leaving only 155 active squadrons across Canada.  In order to spark public interest, contending incentives were developed by the ACLC and RCAF and offered to  Cadets.  The incentives were: Flying Scholarship courses for senior Cadets,  summer camps held at RCAF Stations, and a variety of awards.


Original partnership with the Royal Canadian Air Force has been lost on February 1, 1968, however, a new partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces had been found.


The Air Cadet League of Canada, Ontario Provincial Committee conducted its very first Ontario-wide raffle lottery.


Participation of females in the Air Cadet Movement was approved by Parliament on July 30, 1975. 


The Air Cadet League of Canada, Ontario Provincial Committee becomes incorporated on July 16, 1998.



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