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Working with Canadian Forces

Each squadron has a staff comprised of Officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre. These are members of the Canadian Forces Reserve whose primary duty is the supervision, administration, and training of Cadets involved in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

The staff at each Squadron, who form the Chain of Command, will include most of these positions:

  • Commanding Officer  CO
  • Deputy Commanding Officer  DCO
  • Administration Officer  AdminO
  • Training Officer  TrgO
  • Supply Officer  SupO
  • Band Officer  BandO
  • Standards Officer  StdsO
  • Level Officers  Levels 1 through 5

Air Cadets are supervised during all training exercises by these Officers and screened Civilian Instructors who work with the squadron. All staff and approved volunteers working with a squadron have gone through a strict Registration & Screening process which includes a Police Reference Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening.

Many of our officers are former cadets themselves; others are individuals who have become interested in the Air Cadet program out of their passion for aviation and engaging and teaching young people!  A few have been active members of the regular forces in the Canadian Forces and served their country in active duty.

There is a Chain of Command that you and the Cadet are encouraged to follow as your primary means of communication.

The Canadian Cadet Organization models itself after the Canadian Forces where there are clearly defined lines of communication. In order for the lines of communication to work effectively, they must be followed. If a cadet has a question about anything to do with their squadron, they need to engage the appropriate staff in their chain…typically their Flight Commander. Squadron staff and senior cadets teach the younger cadets a sense of responsibility by encouraging cadets to ask questions when they do not understand something. It is important that Cadets only approach someone in their designated chain of command. You can help your Cadet by encouraging them to seek out information through the proper channels.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s training activities or progress, you have full ability and rights to speak to the staff in the chain of command. It is likely that you will speak with the Training Officer or the Administration Officer to begin with and prior to speaking with the Commanding Officer… following the Chain of Command.

Whatever the matter or issue, both Squadron staff and the volunteers of the Air Cadet League are there to ensure each Cadet is treated fairly and professionally and has full opportunities to participate in the many program activities as they pursue their personal goals and interests.

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