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CommitmentsTime commitment is required if you want to succeed in Cadets, you have to be ready to commit.
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To be successful as a Cadet, and helping your son or daughter to pursue their goals, takes commitment.  One of the most telling aspects about the program is the expectations and challenge that Cadets truly want in the program  all of them cite the need to keep the expectations high so that there is a true sense of accomplishment when Cadets reach their goals and succeed in gaining new levels, ranks and skills.  They do not want the Cadet program watered down!

For examples, each week your cadet will be responsible for the care and cleaning of their uniform. Uniforms are issued to Cadets free of charge and all Cadets are expected to keep them clean and pressed…along with shining their boots! Taking pride as a member of a Squadron and representing the rich heritage of Cadets is something our Cadets take seriously.  They will receive instructions on how to press their uniform and shine their boots from the senior cadets and your encouragement at home to maintain high standards will make a big difference!

CommitmentsIf one of the philosophies in helping young people is to teach them to fish as opposed to give them a fish, the role of the staff, fellow Cadets and families is teach our youth and not do the work for them. Families are encouraged to resist the urge to do these chores for them – they are learning so much more than just how to iron their dress shirt and polish their boots; pride in a job well done, pride in learning a new skill, patience and perseverance, and learning independence.

Your Cadet will also have some studying and follow up work to complete in addition to weekly email updates or phone calls. Balancing school, family and the Cadet program can be a challenge best addressed with your support.

For those committed Cadets, you will find that the effort gets lighter and your guidance is reduced as they move forward and higher in their rank.  This is due to the skills, rewards, personal attributes and positive attitude that Cadets gain as they become important members of a team, independent in their skills but also reliant on their fellow Cadets to pursue their goals.  Band, for example, allows each Cadet to learn music theory and how to play a specific instrument but the big benefit is having a band of fellow Cadets that works together and eventually plays in public ceremonies in their community, for our veterans or competing for provincial and national awards.  The self-discipline they have gained, combined with being a member of a Squadron team and close-knit unit of fellow Cadets is often the only motivation required.

CommitmentsAs noted by many Cadets, there are opportunities in front of you that you may not see in the beginning, but become clear as they make a commitment to pursuing their own, and their Squadron, goals and interests.

We get a lot of opportunities to do things many young people don’t get otherwise… survival activities, community services, supporting our Veterans, and flying planes to name some.
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