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Weekly Programs

Friendship. Leadership. Challenge.

Weekly ProgramsThese are some of the key words our Air Cadets use to describe the weekly and annual program they participate in that run from September until June each year.  The weekly program occurs on a given night of the week called “Parade Night”.

Throughout the year, a busy schedule of activities is usually in the cards for most Squadrons.  Most have an annual plan that includes special trips, community support, competitions, social events and special fundraising activities in support of the Squadron.

On these weekly parade nights, Cadets progress in a number of ways throughout their Cadet career – by rank, by level of program and activities, by responsibility and eligibility and qualifying in some activities of their choice such as band, drill, or aviation.  There is focus on many aspects of aviation and flight, the chance to learn about all aspects of airplanes and how they function, and even the chance to build model aircraft that fly through the use of rubber bands through to radio-controlled models.  This combines with all of the program elements mentioned earlier, from Band to Gliding, and from biathlon to effective speaking – a buffet of options that will stimulate any Cadet’s appetite for challenge, learning, fun and friendship.

Weekly ProgramsWithin the Squadron, Cadets will move up the rank based on their commitment and ability to take on greater roles and responsibilities. From Flight Corporal rank where Cadets begin their leadership roles by providing routine orders and assigning tasks to lower ranked Cadets, to Warrant Officer level that leads Cadets in Squadron drills, prepares Cadets for competitions, and helps out in training of Cadets.  Ranks are a combination of successful completion of activities and program content along with age and years of experience in Cadets.  The opportunity to excel is there to all Cadets who have the commitment and desire to reach for the top.

Exposure to the aviation field, a focus on fitness, and a commitment to citizenship and community service are some of the elements that attract and retain many Cadets through to the completion of their career. As a movement, the Air Cadet League has a special relationship with the men and women who are serving in the Armed Forces and are veterans of military duty.  This provides Cadets with a unique view and exposure to those Canadians who have served their country and continue to participate in teaching our youth about the importance of country, being a Canadian, and serving causes that are greater than oneself. Our Cadets are consistently invited to participate in some important ceremonies and parades, both in honour and respect of those in service, but also in support of National events such as Canada Day celebrations, Remembrance Day or the local Santa Claus parades.

Weekly ProgramsDepending on a Cadets interest, or the unique activities and programs offered at a particular Squadron, Cadets have many exciting options to choose from to fill their weekly schedule, their summers and even their high school years.

It is a tribute to Air Cadets that many former graduates of the program return to teach the next generation of young people and tell them about the great benefit the program has had on their lives, careers and character.  One of the most common statements they give to young Air Cadets is how the program will give them valuable skills and insights to help them succeed in whatever path they choose in life.

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