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Provincial & International Programs

The quest to gain one of the spaces set aside for selected Cadets at our summer training courses takes a significant level of importance and time for our Air Cadets.

Every year, senior Air Cadets have the opportunity to apply to participate in one of the many summer training opportunities offered across Ontario, primarily at Canadian Forces bases such as Trenton and Borden.

Cadets must qualify through a series of criteria and activities in order to meet the standards for some of the main summer courses.  They are evaluated on a range of areas for most of the courses and which include: Cadet experience, a qualifying exam, school marks and a written narrative.  Additionally, each Cadet will go through an interview by League Directors and members, and some courses will require an approved medical exam.

Provincial & International Programs
Some of the premier courses offered are the high demand but limited opportunities in Power and Glider courses.  Many other courses are offered and focus on Aircraft Maintenance, Airport Operations, and Basic to Advanced Aviation. Just as popular are some shorter 2-3 week programs in Basic Survival, Fitness and Sports, and all Air Cadet Band types from Basic to Advanced.

Many Cadets focus on becoming instructors themselves through summer courses, which offer Instructor level courses in many disciplines from Marksmanship to Band, and from Survival to Leadership.  Great bonding and exposure to a camp atmosphere with fellow Air Cadets and Cadets from other Leagues (Army, Navy) make the summer training courses one of the key opportunities for all age groups as Cadets move higher in their ranks and experience.

Perhaps one of the most prized opportunity is our International Air Cadet Exchange program (IACE).  This option is available for senior Cadets with outstanding service records who have the opportunity to represent Canada and the Air Cadet movement abroad. Offering Cadets the chance to learn from another culture, experience a foreign Air Cadet program, and participate in a range of activities and social experiences, IACE Cadets are chosen as ambassadors for the program who foster friendship and goodwill.  Some of the exciting countries that Air Cadets has exchange agreements with include France, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Israel and South Korea.

Provincial & International ProgramsCadets must have reach age 17 during the summer they will be in IACE and must have a valid passport.  Most exchanges last for 2-3 weeks and, at the same time, Canada also hosts approximately 90 Cadets from all of the countries involved in the International exchange program.

Lastly, many of our Cadets apply to become paid staff Cadets at the provincial summer courses.  A staff Cadet must be 16 years of age prior to the summer course, and can find themselves involved in the full instruction and supervision of younger Cadets attending the camp, from administrative roles to logistical support duties.  Pay scales depend on the position and are determined during the pre-course training and evaluation period.

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