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Even if flying is not one of your primary interests, the Air Cadet program offers many exciting and challenging options for you.  Many of our programs involve local and regional trials and competitions, and some include provincial and national level competitions that see our Air Cadets travel throughout the province and country as they proceed and succeed.

Here is a summary of some of the key activities that Air Cadets across the province are participating in and achieving personal goals and sometimes honours and awards!

Music and Band

Other Programs - BandAir Cadets offers the opportunity to join band and learn an instrument in many of our local Squadrons.  These programs are usually instructed by a qualified member of the community who works under the Commanding Officer as part of the training program.  Our bands may range from military (bass and drum), Drum and Bugle, or Pipe Bands (bagpipes).  Most citizens will likely have seen an Air Cadet band in their local parades and community events.  Along with learning instruments and music theory, band members learn proper marching drills and compete in friendly competitions with other Cadet bands and, sometimes, in regular competitions with other bands from the community, high schools or private clubs. The local Squadron provides the instruments, music and supplies to Air Cadets at no cost.

Rifle (also known as Marksmanship)

For those whOther Programs - Rifleo want to experience a unique and challenging activity, marksmanship is one program offered by some of our local Squadrons.  Cadets learn to use an air rifle and shoot from both a prone (lying down!) and standing position. They have the opportunity to compete at local, provincial and even national competitions, with honours and medals being awarded to top performers and teams.  Many Cadets have started in marksmanship and gained success internationally in this sport, sometimes using it as a jumping ground to biathlon competitions which involve rifle as one of the elements.

If you know a bit about Olympic history, you may recall Myriam Bedard of Canada winning two gold medals in the 1992 Winter Olympics.  She began her passion for marksmanship as a Cadet at the age of 14, becoming junior champ at age 15!


Other Programs - BiathlonPhysical fitness and recreation are two of the cornerstones of Air Cadets  If you take this to the highest level, you may want to test your interest and skills in the biathlon program, also offered at numerous local Squadrons and growing in popularity.

Biathlon combines cross-country skiing and marksmanship (in the winter!) and also running and marksmanship in warmer months.  Strength and endurance are key elements of the activity and Cadets can participate in team and individual competitions to improve their skill and precision is this challenging activity.  There is also an Air Rifle Instructor course offered in the summer for qualifying senior Cadets to improve their skills and gain greater training and experience. A number of Canadian Cadets have achieved Olympic level qualifications and participated in World Cup events, such as Cory Niefer in the 2012 London Olympics and Audrey-Anne Dery who recently participated in two Work Cups in Munich and Milan.

Effective Speaking and Debating

Top Debating Team, Speaker of the House, Time Keeper

A foundation for the Air Cadet program is our Effective Speaking and Debating programs.  What may seem intimidating to many citizens who have to speak to, and engage, an audience, has been called one the Air Cadets diamonds in the rough  Cadets learn the fine skills and confidence of speaking in a public forum, with the benefits being a lifetime of confidence that carries to their jobs and social situations. With coaching and practice at the Squadron level, Cadets gain the passion and confronting their fears of public speaking to move on to regional, provincial and national competitions.  From gold to bronze medals, all Cadets have the opportunity to learn and grown in their debating and public speaking skill. Those who succeed at a high level will have the chance to travel to National competitions against Cadets from other provinces who bring proficiency, verbal dexterity and artful pontification that will serve them well and impress even the most seasoned toastmaster!

Drill Teams

Other Programs - Drill TeamsPart of being an Air Cadet is working with your fellow Cadets in various drills in the regular program and, for those interested, there are exciting adventures to hone your individual and team marching skills.  Air Cadets has some precision Drill teams that teach high level marching in a military fashion to a specific routine.  You may have seen one of our Squadron teams participating in a formal ceremony at Remembrance day or special military events and noted how organized and precise they were. Advanced drill teams can be found in programs such as Honour Guard or Rifle Drill Teams which involve maneuvres and drills involving while carrying a rifle, or Flag Parties which involve small groups of Cadets marching with the Canadian Flag and Cadet banners.  Most of these activities also involve competitions at local and regional events, but the most exciting opportunities for Cadets are the events that allow them to show their precision skills and marching to the Canadian public.

Other Programs - OrienteeringOrienteering

Getting from point A to B may seem simple, but if it’s through the woods, over the hills and valleys, in the fog and having to find a flag at the end of a 2-mile trek, then you will be glad you took orienteering. A growing number of our Squadrons are offering and growing their orienteering programs, a highly precise but fun activity that teaches Cadets how to use maps, compasses, GPS, and topographical maps to navigate across terrain and locate specific markers along the way.  A great outdoor activity all year long, orienteering gives Cadet friendly opportunities to compete with other teams as they move across land in some great wilderness and outdoor venues.

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