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Power Flying Program

Power Flying ProgramSimilar to our Gliding Program, Air Cadets are introduced to flying a plane through a series of in-class, ground school and familiarization flights.

In some communities that are not in close proximity to one of our Centres throughout the year, Air Cadets receive familiarization flying in privately-owned aircraft and through aircraft loans from local flying clubs and flight centres.

When weather conditions allow, Air Cadets can be found on various weekends throughout the year at our Centres or private flight clubs learning the science and craft of becoming a power pilot.  Alongside a licenced instructor, Cadets are taught the many unique skills and knowledge required to be able to safely and effectively operate an airplane.

Power Flying ProgramA key goal of many of our Air Cadets is to eventually secure their Pilot’s License – a lofty but attainable goal for those keen individuals before they reach the age of 19.  Successfully reaching this pinnacle will provide an Air Cadet with their official private Pilot’s licence and be awarded their pilot wings.

Air Cadets aged 17-18, at level 4 and in Grade 10 minimum, apply and are interviewed to participate in our 7-week course.  This course includes ground school and in-flight instruction at one of 5 civilian flight Centres across Ontario.

The successful Air Cadets who obtain their pilots licence have gone on to fly with commercial airlines, with Canadian Forces, courier and charter companies, as instructors at flight schools, or simply continue flying for their own pleasure.  The opportunity to earn a private pilots licence through our program at no cost – valued at $15,000 – remains one of the most attractive benefits available to young people who join Air Cadets.

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