Air Cadets learn to Soar in Life!

Glider Program

Gliding ProgramIn Ontario, the Air Cadet League owns one of the largest non-commercial fleets in Canada – 24 two-seat gliders and 10 two-seat aircraft used as tow planes for the gliders.

Each year, in conjunction with our partners at Department of National Defence, our fleet is deployed across 8 Gliding Centres in the province for one key purpose: to teach Air Cadets about gliding and flying aircraft.

At these Centres, Air Cadets are taught by qualified and licenced instructors who are regulated by the government and ministries of transportation.

Our Gliding programs have 2 main components:

Glider Familiarization
Together with classroom training and instruction, Air Cadets will eventually find themselves in the air with one of our instructors for the very first time. Towed to an appropriate altitude by one of our tow planes, you will experience the rush of wind and the silence of flight as you glide through the air currents in the training seat of the glider.

Your instructor will teach you about the controls, equipment, flight patterns, and how to successfully land a glider.  This is the main, introductory set of lessons that all Air Cadets are taught in order to make them familiar, and comfortable, as they decide on proceeding to greater options that involve operating the glider and potentially securing their glider pilot licence.

Gliding ProgramGlider Pilot Training
Often inspired by their initial familiarizations flights, Air Cadets in level 3 and in Grade 9 or higher, can take additional courses to prepare them to earn their Glider Pilot Wings, officially designating them as a licenced pilot with Transport Canada.

The main route to this coveted designation is through a competition with other Cadets to be selected for  the annual Summer Training program that takes place through the central gliding location housed at Trenton air force base.  Through these courses, Cadets will take enriched training in ground school and on gliders – including solo flights – in order to be judged as meeting the requirements of Transport Canada for their licence.

It is not unusual for many of our Air Cadets to receive their Glider Pilot licence before they have a Drivers licence!

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