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Volunteer at an Event

Throughout the busy training year of the Air Cadet League, with over 8000 Cadets and 114 local Squadrons across the province, many events can keep our volunteers fully engaged and active.

Any community with an Air Cadet Squadron has likely seen a continual buzz of activity throughout the year – selling poppies in support of the local Royal Canadian Legion, tagging in front of local retailers, perhaps the band in the local parades or Cadets flying and gliding overhead.

At various times and events, the local committee is always interested to involve new volunteers to share the work and enjoy the rewards.

Provincially, we also have opportunities for volunteer involvement.  Helping to manage our booth at annual Air Shows across Ontario, selling lottery tickets to support the Cadets, or helping organize and support our Annual Conference are some options for those who may not be able to commit to regular, weekly or monthly activities.

If you’re interested in being part of the Air Cadet team of volunteers, just complete the form in the Contact Us section.

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