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Supporting Squadrons and Cadets

You may be amazed at the range of activities that our volunteers are engaged in at the local level in support of our Squadrons and Cadets.

From organizing and supporting fundraising activities to training and recognizing other volunteers, if you are interested in a full range of activities than you may wish to be involved with the local Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).

Each SSC is responsible for nearly all facets of the Air Cadet League programs and services at the local level.  An Executive Committee for each SSC works with the members to ensure annual plans are in place, fundraising is organized, finances are managed, volunteers are trained and donors are recognized.

The SSC Chair has regular interactions with the Commanding Officer of the Squadron and both partners work collaboratively to provide the broad range of programs and experiences to the Squadron Cadets.

Some of our volunteers also become what is known as “Civilian Volunteers” with the Squadron. This means they may actively participate in some of the main training provided to Cadets in the program. These volunteers are under the command of the DND staff who operate the primary training programs.

Squadrons also require volunteers who have special skills or expertise Рfor example, a music teacher or band leader may be required to teach Cadets music theory or a specific instrument. Or you may just want to run the canteen each week for the Cadets and volunteers, or be a driver to transport Cadets during our tagging weekends.

Many volunteers become more engaged in the Air Cadet movement and successfully apply to become Civilian Instructors, a part time paid position working with Cadets as a member of the Department of National Defence.

Others move up the ranks of the League and become Directors, whose main role is to help guide and support a number of SSC’s in a local region.¬† As volunteers, these Directors get involved in planning, coordination, Cadet interview and selection processes, and interactions with senior DND staff at the Detachments on program matters.

Whether it is Cadet trips, community involvement, Remembrance Day ceremonies, band competitions and Santa Clause parade – there’s a long list of exciting and important activities that require dedicated and committed volunteers who are interested in shaping the lives of our youth and future leaders!

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