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How To Register

Each and every person interested in volunteering with the Air Cadet League will go through a registration and screening process.

This involves the completion of an official application, an interview, reference check and, in the cases of Treasurers, possibly a credit check.

Each applicant will also have to undergo a Police records check and Vulnerable Service Sector check and provide the report.  Those who are accepted as volunteers with the League will also provide a current Passport Photo in order for us to produce your official Photo I.D. card.  This card identifies you to our partners, the public, Cadets and members of the National Defence as properly screened volunteers who are now eligible to interact with our Cadets.

Each registration is valid for no longer than 5 years, at which time the new police checks, screening and Photo I.D. will need to be provided.

It doesn’t take long to become an official volunteer with the Air Cadets and the rewards are lifetime!

If you are interested in volunteering with a local Squadron, check out the Find A Squadron section of the website to find the closest one to you and use the contact information provided.

For other volunteer opportunities, complete the form in the Contact Us section.

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